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Saturday Morning Crafts - Watercolour

For this week's Saturday morning crafts we are going to have some fun with watercolor paint. The first two videos show some cool techniques that younger artists will love.

Click here to learn how to make your own raised salt painting. For this you will need an extra ingredient, which is white glue. Cover your canvas, cardboard, or paper plate in a trail of white glue. Sprinkle salt over the glue and then use a brush or eyedropper to add watercolor to your salted glue. It’s that easy!

The next technique is a more traditional watercolor painting starting with a wet paper, adding your colour and then sprinkling your salt on last. As the painting dries the salt will create a cool effect. Kind of like frost forming on a window.

The last video is an instructional video exploring fun watercolor techniques for older kids and adults too! For this one it would be good to use a watercolor paper or heavyweight cardstock.

So go with the flow and see where this watercolor fun takes you.

Tune in next week for another Saturday Morning Craft session!

Sincerely; TAG, your friendly neighbourhood art gallery

Salt and Watercolors

Lesson 4: Just Add Salt ART MINUTE

Watercolor effects - salt, foils, alcohol


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