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Rosh Hashanah- Saturday Morning Crafts

This Friday is the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah and to help celebrate we wanted to share some fun crafts that you can do from home. The first video tutorial shows you how to make yarn and pipe cleaner apples as well as how to use an apple as a stamp. Use the stamps to decorate cards, placemats and other decorations for this Friday's festivities. “One of the most popular Rosh Hashanah customs involves eating apple slices dipped in honey, sometimes after saying a special prayer. Ancient Jews believed apples had healing properties, and the honey signifies the hope that the new year will be sweet. Rosh Hashanah meals usually include an assortment of sweet treats for the same”-

These crafts are also wonderful for folks celebrating the fall harvest or the change of season. So this weekend why not go through your garden and see which vegetables you can cut up to use us as stamps. For more inspiration you can watch the second video tutorial that shows you some different variations you can get by using a variety of fruits and vegetables. So on your next trip out to the garden put on your artist hat and try picking some stamps. And happy new year to all those celebrating Rosh Hashanah.

Tune in next week for another Saturday Morning Craft session!

Sincerely; TAG, your friendly neighbourhood art gallery


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