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Earth Art - 'At Home Art 25'

Happy Earth Day everyone from your friends at the Temiskaming Art Gallery. Today is a very special day as together we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The first Earth Day is credited with launching the modern environmental movement and is now recognized as the planet’s largest civic event. The theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate action. We all recognize the phrase ‘reuse, reduce, recycle’ and here at TAG we believe art can be made using this motto as well. Here are some ideas to help you get started on your environmentally friendly art adventure. A great way to create art in nature is through Land art. Land art, is also known as Earth art, environmental art, and Earthworks, and can be done on a small scale or on a very large scale. Land Art is something that many of us have done or did growing up without even realizing we were doing it. Stacking stones on the beach, using little pieces of branches to create mini forests and carving out winding passageways for water to flow through are all versions of land art. Take this concept one step further to create a fairy garden or a miniature dinosaur playground in your own back yard. For a more permanent nature playscape consider building a sandbox, mud kitchen or play garden. Another great nature art activity can be done while on a nature walk. To make your next nature walk into an art adventure consider collecting items to create a nature collage or make drawings of your items in a nature log or sketchbook. You can also do scavenger hunts on your nature walk. I am including one version of a nature scavenger hunt but it can be even more fun to make your own clues. Another variation of scavenger hunt is a photo scavenger hunt where you leave the items as you found them but document them on your camera. Try a rainbow scavenger hunt or a bird scavenger hunt. Arrange these photos into a photo collage to create your very own nature art masterpiece. I hope that this year you can incorporate nature and art into your Earth Day celebrations.

That's it for now. Have a great day folks. Toon in tomorrow for another great art/craft idea.

Sincerely; Your friendly neighbourhood art gallery.


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