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Driftwood Sculptures 'At Home Art 34'

The nice weather has officially begun and restrictions are being lifted for boardwalks and waterfronts! It is now the perfect time to share driftwood sculpture with you. Driftwood is such a wonderful material to work with when creating sculptures as it has so many unique forms that inspire the creative process. This weekend when walking the boardwalk try looking for some unique pieces of driftwood. They are plentiful at this time of year and it is worth collecting some now for projects throughout the year! There are many things you can build with driftwood and I'm going to share a link to 33 Ways To Put The Spotlight On DIY Driftwood Art including candle holders, flower pots, mobiles and more. If you are looking to make a simple sculpture try this tutorial that teaches you how to create a DIY driftwood fish. This is easy and can be done with small children. If you would like some more inspiration for a larger or more detailed sculpture you might like to watch this how-to video of a rearing horse sculpture. Lastly click here to learn how to clean and bleach your Driftwood. This is not a required step however it does give a certain aesthetic that you might like. I hope you are inspired to include driftwood as home decor or art material in your artistic practice.

Sincerely; Your friendly neighbourhood art gallery.


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