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DIY Hula Hoops 'At Home Art 29'

Today I wanted to do something a little bit differently for our ‘At Home Art’. It was about four years ago that I decided I was going to learn how to hula hoop. To me hula hooping seemed like a creative way to express myself independently well also benefiting from physical exercise. As a mom with small kids it was difficult to get out and join group exercise classes or make regular gym visits and now that gyms and exercise classes are closed and happening remotely I thought that sharing a my hooping experience might inspire you to take up your own hula hoop journey. The first part of my journey was learning how to build my own hula hoop. The first video I am sharing explains how to create your custom hula hoop. You can decorate these hoops using coloured duct tape and even hockey tape which provides extra grip. You can also choose to make a weighted hoop by adding beads inside. When you buy the materials for your hula hoop, which is made using PVC pipe you will have enough to create many so try pitching in with some friends. Not only will this reduce your material cost but you will now have a group of Hooper's to share your experiences with. I enjoy hooping so much that I bring my hoop to parades and festivals, family get-togethers, parties and I even taught hooping one year when volunteering as a camp counsellor at the Temagami Community Foundations Art Camp on Bear Island. I will include a link to a video tutorial I made for my campers showing the simple routine that we learnt in under one-week! The last video that I wanted to share with you today is one that I watched when I was starting out and it's a time-lapse of a 7 months hooping journey. YouTube is full of inspirational videos ranging from hula hoop workouts, hula hoop trick tutorials, hula hoop dance routines and traditional Pow Wow hoop dancing. Hula hoops are great for adults and children alike and by creating your own custom hula hoops you can get a perfect fit, weight and colour for everyone!

That's it for now. Have a great day folks. Toon in tomorrow for another great art/craft idea.

Sincerely; Your friendly neighbourhood art gallery.


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