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PoeARTry North

Our new exhibition is up and installed and looks amazing. PoeARTry North, presented by the Spring Pulse Poetry Festival in collaboration with TAG, combines the art of painting with the art of poetry, giving an extra dimension to the artists’ work and creating a unique showcase of both written and painted talent. Each painting is accompanied by a poem by the artist that links to their art piece, and it gives us an insight into how the artist interprets their own work, and how their art is influenced and influences their perceptions. This is a great exhibition and we're very excited to have it installed.

The show opened this Tuesday and runs until September 2nd. The award ceremony/reception will be held on Sunday, September 2nd from 1pm-3pm at the gallery, and all are welcome to attend.

We've got a lot more pieces than the ones shown, so make your way down to the gallery to admire the paintings and read the poems!

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