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Wind Chimes 'At Home Art 38'

Listen to the wind with your very own DIY wind chime. Wind chimes can be made from just about anything. I've seen variations using bottle caps, spare keys, beads and bells or really anything in your junk drawer. You will need to start with a base which is where you will hang your chimes from. Your base can be an intricate sculpture, a simple stick or anything in between. Try wrapping yarn around your stick or weaving two sticks together into a Ojo de Dios or god's-eye for a pop of colour! Check out how to make a DIY wind chime using a recycled can and odds and ends. This produces a wind chime in which the chimes hang in a circle creating more contact and therefore more sound. Try using a stick or piece of driftwood and keys to make a linear wind chime. The linear designs do not always produce as much sound but can be enhanced by hanging multiple objects per string or small bells for extra noise. The last link shows you how to make a God's eye with yarn. This is not a tutorial for wind chime however you can fix that by simply adding some extra threads and dangly objects. Hang these on your porch, in your garden or in front of your kitchen window to help you enjoy each subtle breeze.

Sincerely; Your friendly neighbourhood art gallery.


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