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Superheros! 'At Home Art 39'

As we all know representation matters. So for today's ‘At Home Art’ I thought we could all try creating a superhero that reflects who we are. I will include 3 tutorials that teach you how to draw superheroes. The first video shows you step-by-step how to draw Robin from Teen Titans Go! which is a more cartoony animation style, followed by another step-by-step tutorial showing you a classic style superhero figure. Lastly for more advanced drawers there is a ‘how to draw superhero anatomy and dynamic figures’ by Jim Lee.

I hope you can live vicariously through your hero, going on wild adventures and solving the world's injustices through the power of art!

For more inspiration check out Equinox! Equinox a sixteen-year-old Cree superhero from Moose Factory, Ontario developed by Canadian artist Jeff Lemire and inspired by Cree education activist Shannen Koostachin. As her alias alludes, she has powers connected to the Earth that change with the seasons. Equinox first appears in Justice League Canada. The series is split between Canada and space, contrasting small town life with epic space adventures.

June is National Indigenous History Month and June 1st marked the 10-year anniversary of Shannen Koostachin’s tragic death.

“The late Shannen Koostachin of Attawapiskat First Nation, Ont., is listed as one of the country's top 150 Canadians. Before her death in 2010, the namesake behind Shannen's Dream, fought for better, safer education for aboriginal students on reserves.” (CP/HO- Charlie Angus, MP, Timmins - James Bay)


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