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String Art - 'At Home Art 35'

As a child do you remember playing cat's cradle with your friends, grandparents or parents? If you haven't played in a while, grab a string and give it a go and if cat's cradle is new to you click here to see step by step how to play. While reminiscing on cat's cradle I got thinking what other cool string art is out there and here is what I found. To create this type of string art you will need small nails, a hammer, a piece of wood and a string or cord of your choice. The DIY string art tutorial teaches you how to make three different designs with your string art including a focal point design, a silhouette and a negative space design. For a simpler version try just the outline. If you would like to try this technique but are missing some materials try using push pins and cardboard. Both of these methods can be done by children with adult supervision. So how about it, grab some string and make some art! Have a great day folks.

Sincerely; Your friendly neighbourhood art gallery.


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