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Spreading Hope - Saturday Morning Craft

This year the Terry Fox run will be happening on September 20th. 2020 marks the 40th anniversary of the Marathon of Hope.   You can learn more about Terry Fox and his legacy from the Canadian encyclopedia or you can visit The Terry Fox Foundation website to learn how to get involved or donate. Due to the pandemic the Terry Fox Foundation is promoting a virtual run this year with the slogan "The Terry Fox Virtual Run. One Day. Your Way." scheduled for Sunday, September 20th.

With this date fast approaching I have decided that for this week's Saturday Morning Craft we would explore some ways to help you participate in "Your Way".

For the run itself you can create personalized race bibs and posters sharing messages of hope, once the run is over convert these items into a vision board and for a longer lasting impact!

There are many online resources that will guide you in making a vision board. Here's just one example from the website Springboard Beyond Cancer. 'Create Your Own Vision Board'

So this year I hope you will use art to help spread messages of hope and continue the legacy that Terry Fox began 40 years ago.

Sincerely; TAG, your friendly neighbourhood art gallery


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