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Snow Art - 'At Home Art 9'

Well despite us being close to the end of March we have a wonderful winter wonderland outside today. To take advantage of this I have selected some snow activities for today. If you have been outside you've already noticed that it's very wet sticky snow which is great for building snowmen and other cool snow art. The first link I am including explains how to build a snowman. And the second link shows you how to create a snow angel. The third link shows you how to do snow painting using spray bottles and food colouring. These are just some ideas of how to create art with snow but The possibilities are endless. You can even create designs and drawings just by simply walking through fresh snow that can be observed from a higher point. If you have a second story to your house try looking out the window and seeing if there's any patches of fresh snow that you could create your design in. Try setting up a time-lapse video from the window to record your performance art. The fourth link I have included shows you some of the work of Simon Beck. Simon Beck has become a global sensation for his installations made by stepping through snow with his snowshoes. Hopefully this provides you with some inspiration. However if you are unable to go outside today I have picked one last snow themed activity that you can do from the comfort of your own home. The last link shows you how to make a DIY snow globe. Pick a little trinket or keepsake to put inside. I hope you are able to enjoy this last hurrah of winter weather and I hope we will see spring again tomorrow.

Please feel free to like and share. If you do create a winter installation we would love to see it. Take a video and tag us #temiskamingartgallery.

That's it for now. Have a great day folks. Toon in tomorrow for another great art/craft idea.

Sincerely; your friendly neighborhood art gallery


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