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Magic Messages & Creative Cards - 'At Home Art 24'

During this time of social distancing many of us are missing our friends and family members. We have used video chats, telephone calls and emails to connect but it's not the same as being there in person. One wonderful thing to do for someone that you miss is to write them a card. Handwritten cards have a special quality to them and can be very decorative and artistic. The personal touch and the aesthetic appeal of a handwritten card will bring those warm and fuzzy feelings to both those giving and those receiving the card. I have selected some playful cards that I hope will bring a little bit of happiness, magic and connection into your lives. The first video explains how to make a classic pop up card. You will require paper, scissors, glue and something to write with. You can make this a team effort by cutting and preparing the external card and mechanism while your little ones create the drawing that will be included on the pop-up section. Once you understand the mechanics behind these cards you can create a number of different designs from very simple to very complex. The second and third link take you to tutorials that show you how to build a card or message with magically appearing colours. In the second link you use markers on paper towel and a bowl of water to activate the secret message. This card is good for one use only so it's a good idea to record the big reveal so that you can watch it over again. Despite being single use these messages are fun and simple to create and even more fun to receive. However if you want a longer-lasting and equally more challenging card to construct check out the third link. In this DIY Magic Card you will require a piece of clear plastic in addition to paper, markers and glue. You can repurpose any clear plastic you find around the house however a piece of cellophane or a transparency would be best. The 4th and 5th cards use basic origami techniques to bring a little magic to your message. In the fourth tutorial you will learn how to make a surprise message card with both an envelope and hidden message all in one.The 5th tutorial teaches how to create a changing emoji face. Add some simple text and this card becomes a fun and interactive gift card. Whether you make these cards for someone far away or for someone who lives with you I hope that they will strengthen the communication between you in a fun and creative way.

That's it for now. Have a great day folks. Toon in tomorrow for another great art/craft idea.

Sincerely; Your friendly neighbourhood art gallery.


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