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Flipbooks and Stop Motion - 'At Home Art' 8

Today I thought we could explore animation. I remember creating little stickman animations in the corners of my school books and flipping through the pages over and over again, watching them dance! So in light of this reminiscing I thought I could help you learn how to create your own flipbooks! All you need is a pen or pencil and some paper. Not only are these animations lots of fun, but they are also a great way to work on your sketching. I have included a very helpful link to a ‘how to make a flipbook’ video. In this video they show you a tracing technique using backlighting. If you don't have a light source you can press hard when you draw to mark the page underneath then follow your imprints one each consecutive page. The second link features some pretty cool finished books that you might want to look at for inspiration. If you are willing to invest the time into it you could create an awesome animation too! If you would rather have a video animation instead of a flip-book try drawing your animation on a whiteboard and using a stop motion program on your iPad or computer to snap pictures along the way. The third link is an easy stop motion tutorial, very similar to the flipbook animation. The fourth link shows you the potential of this medium in a cool stop motion video! So remember by creating small changes between the pages or photos and stringing together a sequence of drawings or photos you can create your own animation!

For our younger artists try the last link which is a “stop motion for beginners guide” and is geared to children, with adult help. Let you little ones choose some of their favorite toys to feature in their very own animation! Please feel free to like and share. If you do create a flipbook or stop motion video we would love to see it. Take a video and tag us #temiskamingartgallery.

That's it for now. Have a great day folks. Toon in tomorrow for another great art/craft idea. To look back at previous posts check out our website blog at

Sincerely; Your friendly neighbourhood art gallery.


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