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Covid-Safe Halloween- Saturday Morning Crafts

For this week Saturday Morning Craft we're going to start preparing for Halloween. So let's explore some Halloween craft ideas that will help us celebrate the tradition while keeping everyone safe and spooky.

The first idea, which may seem kind of obvious, is to add a mask to our Halloween costumes. Consider decorating your DIY face masks to match your costume, that is of course if your costume doesn't already have a face covering. For ninjas and mummies this shouldn't be a problem however if you are going as a cat or Dracula consider making a homemade face mask with a material that matches your costume. You can embellish it using non-toxic fabric paint to draw on whiskers and a nose or creepy fangs.

The second idea is to prepare pre-packed goodie bags and set them out on the porch. If you would rather hand out candies directly to trick-or-treaters consider decorating a pair of kitchen tongs to look like skeleton or witches hands. This will allow you to put treats directly into a trick or treaters bag while not getting to close.

My last idea for this week is to create your very own DIY candy slide! Attach this to the banister on your front steps or incorporate it with your Halloween décor. Watch this helpful video to see how this family made and decorated they're six feet safe candy slide to give out candy to trick-or-treaters this year.

'Candy slide' is here and Halloween is saved


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