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Back to School - Saturday Morning Crafts

It’s back to school season and we have some Saturday morning crafts to help you have an awesome year.

Try tying your indoors with some fancy shoelace designs. Start each day right by switching up the pattern or laces daily to complement your outfit and reflect your mood!

Or if you have a child in primary school help them get some sweet slip on kicks with DIY elastic shoelaces. Get the look of tie up shoes without slowing your little one down by adding a colourful elastic instead of laces.

On the tread of helping our little ones be independent at school you can't forget a good zipper tie. These are a lifesaver once we start wearing those bulky mittens and can be added to zippers on your coats, backpacks and lunch bins. Make them stylish by creating your own design using beads and scrap material or you can try these cool paracord patterns.

Lastly I wanted to share some fun bookmark ideas that you can make from home. Here is a Cute Cat DIY Bookmark from paint chips (easily adapted for other creatures) or these DIY Elastic and Felt Bookmarks for Kids. These will help your students stay organised and help inspire a love of reading.

So let’s make this year awesome. Good luck to all the students going back to school and good luck to all the families supporting them!

Tune in next week for another Saturday Morning Craft session!

Sincerely; TAG, your friendly neighbourhood art gallery


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