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Personal Connections
Duane Paul

Duane Paul is Benjamin's first cousin, and has fond memories of him as a young boy. He is an elder of the Temagami First Nation, and accepting the feather on Benjamin's behalf at his funeral. Duane is now a singer/songwriter, and has written a song to honour Benjamin Chee Chee: Life and Legacy. 

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by. Duane Paul

Sunbird by Duane PaulArtist Name
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I looked to the heavens, I looked to the sky.

I saw the dancers, they captured my eye.

I saw the Sunbird, so graceful and free.

I heard her calling for me, I'm sure she was calling for me.

Sunbird I'll follow you home. Someday I'll call you my own.

When the children have grown and the fledglings have flown.

Sunbird I'll follow you home. Sunbird I'll follow you home.

Sunbird I'll follow you home in the spring.

Someday I'll call you and join you on wing.

Sunbird I'll find you, my journey will end.

Sunbird I'll join you again. Someday I'll join you my friend.

Wait for me I beckoned to the mother and child.

I Need you beside me, we'll walk the last  mile.

Show me your colours, show me the way.

I'll travel with you someday. I know I'll be with you someday.


Sometimes I wonder if my troubles will end.

If the pain will subside and my headaches will mend.

But just like that Sunbird I'm not here to stay.

Life's not worth living I say, if you don't live for today.

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