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     An article was written by Stan Dickinson at the time of Eddie Duke’s death describing him as a true artist who was a comedian, a philosopher, a musician, photographer, a master of wit, and much more. His photograph Massadain in the TAG collection is an evocative composition of the site of Massada, Israel. 


     Without doubt Eddie Duke was the pre-eminent photographer in Kirkland Lake for most of his life.  

Charlie Angus produced a radio documentary on Eddie Duke and the Mile of Gold in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, as a part of the CBC RADIO series Northern Stories: "This is the story of photographer Eddie Duke who chronicled the growth of the gold mining town of Kirkland Lake." 

     Un article nécrologique écrit par Stan Dickenson au lendemain du décès d’Eddie Duke le décrit comme un artiste véritable qui était tout aussi comédien, philosophe, musicien, photographe, homme de beaucoup d’esprit, et quoi d’autres! Sa photographie intitulée Massada dans la collection de la GAT évoque le site de Massada en Israël.

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