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The Temiskaming Art Gallery is excited to present dual exhibition Learning to Try by Peter Greyson and Cross Cut by Rob Niezen, sponsored by the Ontario Arts Council.

Learning to Try

Peter Greyson

Peter - Won't-Make-It.jpg

I Want to Try With You

Oil on Canvas, 2023

Peter Greyson grew up in London, Ontario where he developed a love of painting by viewing many Canadian artworks as a child visiting the London Public Library and Art Museum. Since moving to the Temiskaming region 20 years ago he has been actively painting landscapes that grapple with the effects of human activities on nature. He intends to keep exploring and documenting the region and it's relation to our challenged relationship with nature as well as pursue the unending, worthwhile challenge of making beautiful oil paintings.

Peter Greyson’s paintings grew out of a wish to utilize the Group of Seven’s iconic images of Canada while acknowledging our destruction of nature. This is a topic they neglected to mention in their paintings but one that he suspects they would have had great sympathy for judging by the books they read and statements made in letters of the time.

About the exhibition Greyson writes: The work is composed of fragments of words and images that are blended together in a nearly abstract manner that softens the jarring contrasts of such diverse contents. I have made beautiful paintings in a traditional manner that fully exploits the inherent qualities of oil paint.

Despite their attractiveness the paintings depict the most dire interpretation of our failures but end with an obstinate invitation to keep trying.

Cross Cut

Rob Niezen

Rob - The Cobalt Song.jpg

The Cobalt Song
Linocut, ink on Legion Madison Print paper, 2023

Rob Niezen is a painter, printmaker and illustrator. He paints mostly in oils, and his printmaking includes etchings and linocuts.

Cross Cut is a series of linocuts created in 2022 that reflect on traditional songs from Ontario with a contemporary perspective. The exhibition aims to connect our recent history and today’s society, and the issues we face as citizens of Ontario and Canada.


Each linocut is accompanied by a folk song, the origins of which date back to between 1820 and 1920.The narratives of the chosen collection of songs cover themes that are universal and of a timeless nature, as they deal with human existence and social and societal issues: immigration, work and leisure, politics and war, crime and justice, physical and mental health, love and death, and so on.


Superficially things have changed, but the human conditions now seem not that different from 100 or 200 years ago. Has life improved, or is progress only on a materialistic level? Folk songs make global issues accessible to everyone, as they are created and sung by real people telling real human stories.

By using innovative techniques like laser engraving and etching, and adding contemporary elements to historical scenes, Rob conveys the parallels and juxtapositions of the past and the present.

Click here to listen to the songs on Rob's bandcamp page.

JULY 31 - SEPT 15, 2023  |  31 JUILLET - 15 SEPT, 2023

SEPTEMBER 17, 1:30PM-3:30PM

17 SEPTEMBRE, 13h30-15h30


Ron Langin

Mont Albert 2020


The Temiskaming Art Gallery is excited to present dual exhibition Mount/Mont by Ron Langin and La résilience des végétaux by Émilie B. Côté, sponsored by the Ontario Arts Council.

Sudbury artist Ron Langin's show, titled Mount/Mont, focuses on expressing the spirit of the rocky mountains through paint and vibrant colour. These mountains were sourced both from his memories and photographs taken on his pre-pandemic trip to Alberta and British Columbia, and each mountain is named in tribute to the people who've inspired Ron throughout his life. For his medium, Ron chose to use liquid watercolour and Yupo paper, allowing him to carefully manipulate the vivid, bold forms. Mount/Mont is the second series out of three dedicated to this "artistic journey and vision."

L'exposition de l'artiste sudburois Ron Langin, intitulée Mount/Mont, vise à exprimer l'esprit des montagnes rocheuses par la peinture et les couleurs vibrantes. Ces montagnes proviennent à la fois de ses souvenirs et de photographies prises lors de son voyage pré-pandémique en Alberta et en Colombie-Britannique, et sont nommées en hommage aux personnes qui ont inspiré Ron tout au long de sa vie. Ron a choisi d'utiliser de l'aquarelle liquide et du papier Yupo, ce qui lui a permis de manipuler avec soin les formes vives et audacieuses. Mount/Mont est la deuxième série sur trois consacrée à ce "voyage et cette vision artistiques".

Émilie B. Côté is a multidisciplinary artist from Témiscamingue who works mainly in sculpture and two-dimensional organic works. Her exhibition La résilience des végétaux was born of a desire to highlight the struggle of plants in a denatured environment. Pieces of plaster and concrete inhabited by plants trying to survive are the starting point for her


Émilie B. Côté


reflection, where life and death meet in an assembly of contradictory materials, giving way to a scene of beauty and ruin. Some of the staged pieces in this poetic installation include bones and concrete invaded by poly-pores, and deer that seem to be in search of a better life, adding a narrative aspect to the scene where the viewer becomes a witness.

Émilie B. Côté est une artiste multidisciplinaire du Témiscamingue qui travaille principalement la sculpture et les œuvres organiques bidimensionnelles. Son exposition La résilience des végétaux est née d'un désir de mettre en lumière la lutte des plantes dans un environnement dénaturé. Des morceaux de plâtre et de béton habités par des plantes qui tentent de survivre sont le point de départ de sa réflexion, où la vie et la mort se rencontrent dans un assemblage de matériaux contradictoires, donnant lieu à une scène de beauté et de ruine. Parmi les pièces mises en scène dans cette installation poétique, on trouve des os et du béton envahis par des polypores, ainsi que des cerfs qui semblent être à la recherche d'une vie meilleure, ajoutant un aspect narratif à la scène dont le spectateur devient le témoin.

Rose-Aimée Bélanger




JUNE 4 - JULY 21, 2023  |  4 JUIN - 21 JUILLET, 2023

The Temiskaming Art Gallery is proud to present Rose-Aimée Bélanger, Bronze works: Digitized | Œuvers en bronze: numérisées, sponsored by le Centre culturel ARTEM.


Rose-Aimée Bélanger’s sculptures explore the human condition. Through her work she transmits the extraordinary pleasures found in the ordinary, and, 100 years old on July 4, 2023, she wisely invites us to savour them.


Featured in the exhibition is an exploration of the progression of creation of her sculptures: from clay to bronze. Further, small scale reproductions are fabricated using 3D printing technology, available for viewing over the course of the exhibition. This innovative extension to the evolution of sculpture enables a deeper understanding of process and form, and a reflection upon the place of technology in the art world.

Click here for an in-depth look at the exhibition and for a brief history of Rose-Amiée Bélanger

La Galerie d’art du Témiskaming est fière de présenter « Rose-Aimée Bélanger, Œuvres de bronze: numérisées | Bronze works : Digitized » commanditée par le Centre culturel ARTEM.


Les sculptures de Rose-Aimée B 130langer explorent la condition humaine. Par ses œuvres, elle transmet les plaisirs extraordinaires que l’on retrouve dans l’ordinaire, et, à 100 ans le 4 juillet 2023, elle nous invite sagement à les savourer.

Cette exposition présente une exploration de la progression de la création des sculptures de Rose-Aimée Bélanger : de l’argile au bronze. De plus, des reproductions à petite échelle sont __

Belanger invite FOR PRINT (Facebook Cover).png

Mushroom Picker

Photo credit:

Laura's Art Shoppe

fabriquées à l’aide de la technologie d’impression 3D, disponibles pour être visionnées tout au long de l’exposition. Cette extension innovante de l’évolution de la sculpture permet une compréhension plus profonde du processus et de la forme, et une réflexion sur la place grandissante de la technologie dans le monde de l’art.

Cliquez ici pour une visite approfondie de l'exposition et pour une brève histoire de Rose-Amiée Bélanger

Generously funded by

Financée par



16 April - 26 May 2023 16 Avril - 26 Mai


an exhibition organised by / une exposition organisée de : Cesar Forero & Felicity Buckell

black & white photograph
artem logo.jpg

Plexus explores the connections between the human and natural worlds, our interdependence, and our duty to act now such that our beautiful planet Earth will not only survive, but thrive.

Plexus explore les liens entre les mondes humain et naturel, notre interdépendance et notre devoir d'agir maintenant pour que notre belle planète Terre non seulement survivra, mais prospérera.


March 5 - April 7  |  5 mars - 7 avril

The Power of the Feminine is coming out of much of my research and writing about the feminine, as well as feminism, and in reclaiming the power of the feminine sensibility, priorities, and in challenging the dominant male perspective/narrative that has traditionally claimed priority in art historical tradition.


My practice is about challenging prevailing narratives and hierarchies and owning what truly does inspire me and in what I believe is significant - not what I am told is significant. And that includes the Power of the Feminine.

Supported by the Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Assistance Grant

​Soutenu par le Conseil des arts de l'Ontario Subvention d'aide aux expositions


Le Club Temiskaming Palette & Brush Club

Among the Trees - an Artist's Perspective

Jan 9 - Feb 17

Parmi les arbres - le point de vue d'un artiste

9 jan - 17 fév

The title of the exhibition comes about because of what the role of trees inherently play in all of our lives.

We live in a tree-populated part of Ontario, where trees have to be strong to survive harsh winters and short summers. We have as much of a connection to what our trees do from season to season as we do with our weather! As weather changes, so do our ever-transforming trees! The sound of wind blowing through leaves relaxes and soothes us. The roots of trees interconnect and anchor us. They create shelter for us, as well as for animals and birds. They sustain us. A twisted, gnarled tree is even suggestive of human form.

It really made sense for us to pay homage, through art, to these remarkable gifts from nature. Our environment is ever-changing, therefore respecting, revering and protecting our forests is most crucial. Hopefully this exhibition will encourage viewers to look a little closer at a tree, go on a hike, or just listen a little longer as the wind blows through the leaves and feel peace.

Click here for a gallery walkthrough:

Among the Trees Eng.png
Among the Trees Fr.png





November 14 - December 23

This exhibition will tour across Northeastern Ontario until April 23. ​For more information about the exhibition and Cassidy himself, please click here.

Cette exposition parcourra le nord-est de l’Ontario jusqu’en mars 2023. Pour plus d'informations, veuillez cliquer ici.

For a Virtual Walkthrough click here Pour une visite virtuelle, cliquez ici

Fragile Nature Fragile

September 19 - October 28

19 septembre à 28 octobre

Carmen Cantin

There is something magical about glass.

The first glass objects date back 3,000 years BC. Early glass processes evolved from ceramic and metal working techniques. Today, after two centuries of "rediscovery" and enhancement, glass working continues to develop and grow as an artistic discipline.

Could you imagine a world without glass???



Il y a de la magie dans le verre.

Le premiers objects en verre datent de 3,000 ans B.C.. Le procédé a évolué à partir du travail de la céramique et du métal. De nos jours, après deux siècles de redécouverte et d’améliorations le travail du verre continue de se développer et la discipline atteint de nouveaux sommets artistiques.

Que serait notre monde sans le verre???

fragile nature fragile poster.png
Carmen's fascination for glass and transparency led her to learn stained glass with various artists while wintering in Florida since 1989. In 1992 while attending a Glass Convention in Kissimee, Florida, she discovered the magical world of fusing. -------------------------------------------------- Fascinée depuis toujours par la lumière et la transparance du verre, elle apprend et perfectionne l'art du vitrail auprès de quelques artistes aux Etats-Unis à partir de 1989. Lors d'une Convention du Verre à Kissimee (Florida) en 1992, elle découvre le merveilleux monde de la fusion.
Recollections poster.jpg


August 2nd to September 9th

Recollections is a retrospective show by artist Janet Bourgeau. This show is a culmination of 60 years of creativity, and innovation. This show provides audiences a timeline of work, as well as a unique variety of mediums the artist has worked with.


Recollections est une exposition rétrospective de l'artiste Janet Bourgeau. Cette exposition est l'aboutissement de 60 ans de créativité et d'innovation. Cette exposition offre au public une chronologie des travaux, ainsi qu'une variété unique de supports avec lesquels l'artiste a travaillé.

Visit this exhibition in person, or click here to view this exhibition virtually.


Julie Oakes

June 12 to July 21 2022

SHESHE is a room, an open space that is offered as a gift. It is a visual party that circulates closer to beauty. It is feminine, purposefully open to receive. Advocating co-operation and hospitality might be an answer to the wrenching tangle now in place between politics and sociological needs.

What if women had had more of a hand in shaping the political and social mores of our world? Would the course of history be that different? Is the difference in perspectives between male and female sufficiently far apart to have avoided wars for instance? Does our current environmental and social condition come from being human or is this destiny we’ve landed in been created due to a gender skew in the allocation of power and

The process is not really this focused on message. I see little difference between the male and female really. Both want love and respect, health and interesting times. These works are nothing more than the beginning of a conversation with others, smoothed by aesthetics.

Visit this exhibition in person, or click here to view this exhibition virtually.


SheShe by Julie Oakes.png

SHESHE est une pièce, un espace ouvert qui est offert en cadeau. C'est une fête visuelle qui se rapproche de la beauté. Elle est féminine, délibérément ouverte pour recevoir. Prôner la coopération et l'hospitalité pourrait être une réponse à l'enchevêtrement déchirant qui existe actuellement entre la politique et les besoins sociologiques.

Que se serait-il passé si les femmes avaient eu plus de poids dans l'élaboration des mœurs politiques et sociales de notre monde ? Le cours de l'histoire serait-il si différent ? La différence de perspectives entre les hommes et les femmes est-elle suffisamment importante pour avoir évité les guerres par exemple ? Notre condition environnementale et sociale actuelle résulte-t-elle du fait que nous sommes des êtres humains ou ce destin dans lequel nous avons atterri a-t-il été créé en raison d'un déséquilibre entre les sexes dans l'attribution du pouvoir et des priorités ?
des priorités ?

Le processus n'est pas vraiment axé sur le message. Je vois peu de différence entre l'homme et la femme en réalité. Tous deux veulent l'amour et le respect, la santé et des moments intéressants. Ces œuvres ne sont rien d'autre que le début d'une conversation avec les autres, lissée par l'esthétique.

Historians of the north.jpg

Historians of the North

May 26th to June 8th 2022

Some of Canada’s deepest and richest history is steeped in the North. Living in this region we have the privilege to live amongst that history and its historians. This exhibition pays tribute to that history, and the local senior historians who maintain that knowledge from generation to generation. Featuring self portraits and shadow boxes from the "Future Historians of the North" at St Patrick's C.E.S.


Une partie de l'histoire la plus profonde et la plus riche du Canada est ancrée dans le Nord. Vivant dans cette région, nous avons le privilège de vivre parmi cette histoire et ses historiens. Cette exposition rend hommage à cette histoire et aux historiens chevronnés locaux qui entretiennent ce savoir de génération en génération. Présentant des autoportraits et des boîtes d'ombre des "futurs historiens du Nord" au St Patrick's C.E.S.

Visit this exhibition in person, or click here to view this exhibition virtually.

Graphic Chats

April 9 - May 22 2022


Graphic Chats is a large series of collaged mix media drawings and paintings which mimic the ubiquitous wireless world of internet chats, browsing, tweeting and information seeking, packaged in the style of a graphic novel. The sheer volume of material "out there" conjured up an array of visually stimulating pictograms, which , although unrelated, can spin into imaginative short stories.

I travel through a wide range of random, often symbolic images inspired by current events and situations. The collective arrangement of each panel reads like quick little conversations that constantly bombard us on all levels of our media interactions. This form of brain congestion has turned into little visual vignettes of everything and nothing.

These Graphic Chats, started in 2017, start out as little paintings, with painted of stenciled images on various papers and assembled and adhered to a wood surface. The process is both spontaneous and calculated; the composition reveals itself gradually while the images are secured to the board surface. The work combined representational images with abstract markings, a recognizable characteristic throughout my work

Visit this exhibition in person, or click here to view this exhibition virtually.

Recent Acquisitions

March 21nd to April 1st 2022

As we welcome the Recent Acquisitions exhibition, we take a look back onto the last decade of acquisitions into the Temiskaming Art Galleries Permanent Collection. With this exhibition we are highlighting 10 years of stunning artworks we have welcomed into our collection, by many incredibly talented northeastern Ontario artists.

Visit this exhibition in person, or click here to view this exhibition virtually.


Alors que nous accueillons l'exposition Acquisitions récentes, nous jetons un regard rétrospectif sur la dernière décennie d'acquisitions dans la collection permanente des Galeries d'art du Temiskaming. Avec cette exposition, nous mettons en lumière 10 ans d'œuvres d'art époustouflantes que nous avons accueillies dans notre collection, par de nombreux artistes incroyablement talentueux du nord-est de l'Ontario.

Acqu. Test 3.png
Two weeks left - EN.png

A Concerto in Three Parts: //
An concerto en trois parties:

Elaschuk, Knight & Venne

August 22nd to October 1st, 2021

This exhibition presents the viewer with a blend of styles and media. Working with abstract forms, the tapestries, paintings, and sculptures continuously offer the viewer new details to take in and new interpretations to extract from the colourful shapes. Beyond their shared creation energy-charged abstract artworks, Elaschuk, Knight, and Venne represent a microcosm of artistic community; they support, influence, and challenge each other both through their art and in their relationships.


Cette exposition présente au spectateur un mélange de styles et de médias. Travaillant avec des formes abstraites, les tapisseries, peintures et sculptures offrent continuellement au spectateur de nouveaux détails à saisir et de nouvelles interprétations à extraire des formes colorées. Au-delà de leur création partagée d'œuvres d'art abstraites chargées d'énergie, Elaschuk, Knight et Venne représentent un microcosme de la communauté artistique ; ils se soutiennent, s'influencent et se défient à la fois par leur art et dans leurs relations.



Faye & Deb Digulla
Home and Other Findings // Ce qu'on peut retrouver chez soi

22 February – 6 August  2021

‘Home and Other Findings’ includes compelling works in both collage and mixed media that explore the private realm of ‘the home’,  with works like Grandma's Sewing Basket,  Our Town,  and Lockdown. These often intimate works share memories, glimpsing into the lives of the artists and their families. Coming out of a 'stay at home' order amidst a global pandemic  ‘Home and Other Findings’ is a refreshing experience. It’s timely subjects and delicate execution send the viewer into a reflective and thankful state of mind, the perfect dose of art therapy for our recovering and resilient souls. 


Check out this album of Debi Digulla’s fabric book "Threads..." here:

And an exhibition walkthrough here:

Faye and Debi Digulla Home and Other Fin

« Ce qu'on peut retrouver chez soi » comprend des œuvres fascinantes, sous forme de collages et de médias mixtes, qui explorent le domaine privé de la "maison", avec des œuvres comme Grandma's Sewing Basket, Our Town et Lockdown. Ces œuvres souvent intimes partagent des souvenirs, donnant un aperçu de la vie des artistes et de leurs familles. Inspiré par un « confinement à la maison" au milieu d'une pandémie mondiale, « Ce qu'on peut retrouver chez soi », est une expérience rafraîchissante. L’exécution délicate de ces sujets opportuns suscitent chez le spectateur un état de réflexion et d'appréciation, la dose parfaite de thérapie artistique pour nos âmes résiliantes  en voie de guérison. 


Regardez cet album du livre de tissus « Threads... » de Debi Digulla ici :

Nous vous invitons à regarder notre visite virtuelle de la galerie :

Faye and Debi Digulla Home and Other Fin


Art from the Forest Floor//Nopiming Ojichigan Mochisag//l'Art du tapis forestir

Art from the Forest Floor//Nopiming Ojichigan Mochisag//l'Art du tapis forestir

November 18 - December 24 2020


Art from the Forest Floor | l’Art du tapis forestier | Nopiming Ojichigan Mochisag is a collaborative arts education project exploring climate change through visual and literary arts. Northern Ontario artists Taman Bradette, Felicity Buckell, and Brit Griffin worked with students from St Patrick School Cobalt, ÉSC Sainte-Marie, and Kiwetin Kikinamading.

Funding for this project was provided by the Ontario Arts Council - Conseil des arts de l'Ontario Northern Arts Program, as well as local support from the Rotary Club of Temiskaming Shores and Area, Cobalt Legion, the The Corporation of the City of Temiskaming Shores, and The Temiskaming Foundation.

The gallery show at TAG is the finale stage of the project and showcases some of the student work produced over the past year. To see more behind the scenes visit the Art from the Forest Floor Facebook page.

We invite you to watch our virtual gallery tour! Pause the video to read the artist's synopsis. Please don't forget to sign our virtual guest book. Thank you.

Art from the Forest Floor | l'Art du tapis forestier | Nopiming Ojichigan Mochisag est un projet éducatif artistique collaboratif qui explore le changement climatique à travers les arts visuels et littéraires. Taman Bradette, artiste du nord de l'Ontario,
Felicity Buckell, et Brit Griffin, qui ont travaillé avec les élèves de l'école St Patrick de Cobalt, de l'ÉSC Sainte-Marie et de Kiwetin Kikinamading.

Le financement de ce projet a été assuré par le Conseil des arts de l'Ontario - Programme des arts du Nord du Conseil des arts de l'Ontario, ainsi que le soutien local du Rotary Club of Temiskaming Shores and Area, de la Légion de Cobalt, de la Corporation de la ville de Temiskaming Shores et de la Fondation Temiskaming.

L'exposition de la galerie au GAT est la dernière étape du projet et présente une partie des travaux des étudiants réalisés au cours de l'année écoulée. Pour en savoir plus sur les coulisses, visitez la page Facebook "Art from the Forest Floor".

Nous vous invitons à regarder notre visite virtuelle de la galerie ! Mettez la vidéo en pause pour lire le synopsis de l'artiste. N'oubliez pas de signer notre livre d'or virtuel. Merci.

Group of Seven in Temiskming

Group of Seven in Temiskaming: Reflections After 100 Years

September 28 - November 6 2020

Watch our virtual Gallery tour! To read the artist's synopsis, scroll down to the carousel album below and click on the image. And please don't forget to sign our virtual guest book. Thank you.


Expérimentez notre visite virtuelle de la galerie ! Pour lire le synopsis de l'artiste, faites défiler la page jusqu'à l'album du carrousel ci-dessous et cliquez sur l'image. Et n'oubliez pas de signer notre livre d'or virtuel. Merci.

Download the brochure here.  Téléchargez la brochure ici.

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Group of Seven’s first exhibition, the Temiskaming Art Gallery invited artists of Northern Ontario (as defined by the NOAA) and NorthWestern Quebec to submit their own interpretations of Canadian identity. The Group of Seven was highly successful in presenting a unified image of Canadian identity rooted in the motif of the untamed North. TAG acknowledges that this identity was rooted within a singular viewpoint, and we feel that now it is time to diversify our conception of what it means to be Canadian, especially in the north.

To learn more about the accompanying self guided driving tour visit Lake Temiskaming Tour website by clicking here and select the Group of Seven in Temiskaming tab.

Pour en savoir plus sur la visite autoguidée en voiture, visitez le site Web Lake Temiskaming Tour en cliquant ici et sélectionnez l'onglet Groupe des sept au Temiskaming.

Original Group of Seven Artworks

Pour célébrer le 100e anniversaire de la première exposition du Groupe des Sept, la Galerie d'art du Temiskaming a invité des artistes du nord de l'Ontario (tel que défini par la NOAA) et du nord-ouest du Québec à soumettre leurs propres interprétations de l'identité canadienne. Le Groupe des Sept a remporté un vif succès en présentant une image unifiée de l'identité canadienne enracinée dans le motif du Nord indompté. Le GAT reconnaît que cette identité était ancrée dans un point de vue singulier, et nous pensons qu'il est temps maintenant de diversifier notre conception de ce que signifie être Canadien, en particulier dans le Nord.

Artist Interpretations of Canadian Identity

Click the image to enlarge and to read the artist synopses for each work.