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Artist / author Hap Wilson. Click to see portrait fullsizeHap Wilson is an artist, photographer, author, guide and environmentalist who believes that harmonic bliss is a double shot of single malt in a hot chocolate, a dry pair of wool socks, a rapid, or a wicked tail wind. He says he interminably escapes responsibility by propping himself in a canoe or on a pair of snowshoes and sets off for points unknown.

Wilson’s outdoor and nature-related feature articles, illustrations and photography make regular appearances in Explore, Kanawa, Outdoor Canada, Canoe & Kayak, and Canadian Geographic magazines. His illustrated outdoor books have been popular since his “Temagami Canoe Routes” guide book was first published in 1978. They are now distributed throughout much of North America, while his art continues to attract international attention. Hap’s book project, “Voyages” won the Natural Resources Council of America Award for best environmental book of 1995.

Self-taught in the arts, Hap chooses to blend nature with native-Canadian cultural themes, working mostly with pen and ink, watercolour, and acrylic. His work reflects his love of the silent places and of the fast disappearing wilderness. TAG has two prints in its collection, Ancient Pines, and Black Water Reflections.

Being an artist in northern Ontario. The Temagami area has been my home for a good deal of the year since working eight years as park ranger. It is one of the most beautiful areas of the world and lends itself to unlimited expression…