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Cats and Cardboard - 'At Home Art 31'

Since we've been staying home it seems as though I have accumulated many cardboard boxes. These boxes are often well-constructed with quality material and can be repurposed for crafts or other functions so naturally I can't throw any away. However when I don't get to using them or putting them away in time they seem to be claimed by my cat. Today I thought we could look at different ways to modify and upcycle cardboard boxes for your cat's pleasure. Firstly a simple under-bed hideaway -or cat bed in a box- can be a wonderful addition to your cat furniture. Or try a fancier version by making it look like an army tank, ice cream truck or a miniature playhouse. You might also like to try making a recycled cardboard kitty pad/cat scratcher. Combine the two concepts and create a laminated cardboard cat igloo! This project is not for the faint of heart but has a multitude of creative possibilities when creating the form for your cat home. Lastly, my personal favorite, you can decorate you're lovely cat box with critter bodies and cut a hole where the head should be just big enough for your cat's head to fit through. Leave the box open and wait for the hilarity to ensue. If you don't have a cat don't fret because here are some photos submitted by quarantined cat and dog owners who use cardboard boxes to turn their pets into dinosaurs! Please feel free to like and share. That's it for now. Have a great day folks. Tune in tomorrow for another great art/craft idea.

Sincerely; Your friendly neighbourhood art gallery.


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