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'A Slice of Summer' -Dried Flowers & Nature Boxes

Hi folks,

As the mornings start getting cooler I am beginning to look ahead to the changing of seasons. I love summer and the long days, the warmth, the flowers and I thought we could try a craft that could help us preserve these warm memories for the long winter ahead. I came across some really neat dried flower crafts and decided I would share these with you. There are many different ways to dry your flowers and a quick Google search will help you find the method that's right for you using the tools you have at home.

The first video I'd like to share is a very simple dried flower in a glass frame. This creates a clean minimalist composition but can be adapted into a colourful collage by simply layering your dried flowers. Try out different arrangements and see if you can create landscapes, monograms, or abstract works using your flowers. P.S. If you know what shape you would like your flower to be in to create a compelling composition simply place it down in the desired orientation before you dry it.

Along with altering your composition you can also play with your ‘canvas’. Try adding dried flowers as an embellishment to bookmarks, a set of coasters, clear candle holders or what about your phone case? (seen here in this tutorial.)

Looking for a challenge? Try to make your own skeleton leaf.

Maybe you are working with younger artists that might not be so keen on these long waiting times or even the idea of gluing something permanently in place so why not try making a cardboard nature display. These are great for learning plant identification. They can be used as a sorting or matching game. This nature display can be adopted for bugs, rocks, flowers or all of the above!

So why don't you try to save a little bit of Summer and create a beautiful piece of art for your home.

Tune in next week for another Saturday Morning Craft session!

Sincerely; TAG, your friendly neighbourhood art gallery


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