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Current Exhibition

Among the Trees - an Artist's Perspective

Exhibition runs Jan 9 - Feb 17

Reception and Sweet'art Café: February 12, 1pm-4pm

The title of the exhibition comes about because of what the role of trees inherently play in all of our lives.

We live in a tree-populated part of Ontario, where trees have to be strong to survive harsh winters and short summers. We have as much of a connection to what our trees do from season to season as we do with our weather! As weather changes, so do our ever-transforming trees! The sound of wind blowing through leaves relaxes and soothes us. The roots of trees interconnect and anchor us. They create shelter for us, as well as for animals and birds. They sustain us. A twisted, gnarled tree is even suggestive of human form.

It really made sense for us to pay homage, through art, to these remarkable gifts from nature. Our environment is ever-changing, therefore respecting, revering and protecting our forests is most crucial. Hopefully this exhibition will encourage viewers to look a little closer at a tree, go on a hike, or just listen a little longer as the wind blows through the leaves and feel peace.

Among the Trees Eng.png
Among the Trees Fr.png
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