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Canada Day Crafts

As we get set to celebrate Canada Day on the 1st of July, we would like to take this moment to acknowledge that we live, work, and create on the traditional territories of the Ojibwe, Cree, and Algonquin nations and are thankful to share this space. We would like to join in celebration with all of our family, friends and neighbours to admire and appreciate the nation of Canada as well as the numerous Indigenous nations that blanket Turtle Island. Each day this week we will share craft ideas to help you celebrate the five regions of Canada. Try these crafts at home and share pictures with the Temiskaming Art Gallery on Facebook or email via

The Atlantic Region is home to Around 2.3 million people. Aside from its natural coastal beauty, the area is also rich in history, with Nova Scotia known as the gateway to Canada. The Atlantic Ocean brings cool winters and cool, humid summers in this region. The region is often known for fishing inspiring today’s fun craft.

These milk carton bird feeders are inspired by the colourful rowhouses in Newfoundland.

Central Canada is where more than half of the population of Canada lives. Around 18 million people live in cities and towns near the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River in Southern Quebec and Ontario. This is also where the National Capital, Ottawa, is located. This region has cold winters and warm humid summers. The region is often known for its large urban centers inspiring today’s fun craft.

These quilling or paper filigree fireworks over a silhouetted cityscape can be made to reflect the city or town where you live.

The Northern Territories covers one-third of Canada’s land mass. But because of the cold arctic climate and its remoteness, only 100,000 people live there. The region is called the “Land of the Midnight Sun” because at the height of summer, daylight can last 24 hours. However, in winter, darkness sets in for three months. The region is often known for the hauntingly beautiful aurora borealis inspiring today’s fun craft.

Use these Northern Lights mason jar lantern’s to bring some Northern Magic to your Canada Day celebration.

The Prairie Provinces are Canada’s fastest growing region with a population of more than five million. The prairies are considered the country’s breadbasket, with agriculture as one of its main industries. It is also home to the world famous Calgary Stampede. This annual rodeo, exhibition, and festival is held every July in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

These Fun DIY bolo ties are inspired by the Calgary stampede but can be decorated to reflect the city or town where you live.

The West Coast (also called the Pacific Region) is known as Canada’s Pacific gateway. It has a population of four million, with most living in or near Victoria or Vancouver. This region is home to majestic mountains as well as Canada’s only temperate rainforest. It also has the most extensive park system in Canada, with approximately 600 provincial parks. The West Coast has a temperate weather due to the warm airstreams from the Pacific Ocean. This region is home to majestic mountains as well as The Great Bear Rainforest, Canada’s only rainforest which inspired today’s fun craft.

These rain sticks are constructed with a special tinfoil twist to make them sound like real rain. This craft reminds me of how diverse Canada is, both in its people and its geography.


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