TAG volunteers

Lionel Venne and Emma Laughlin

At the heart of TAG is volunteering.

As well as the Board of Directors, Temiskaming has an additional group of dedicated volunteers. Without them the gallery would not function. Volunteers take on a number of valuable jobs including monitoring in the gallery, assisting in the office, helping with education programmes and providing support for mounting exhibitions. The volunteer group also takes full responsibility for exhibition opening receptions and fund-raising events such as its now famous Chocolate Sunday (around Valentine’s Day), bake sales, garden parties and the well-attended Christmas Luncheon. Volunteers are also active in other TAG fund-raising events, such as an annual auction.

The volunteers’ group was founded by artist Caroline MacArthur in 1989.

They are separately organized with their own committee and the Chair of this committee sits on the Board of the Directors.

New volunteer members are always welcome. To join or find out further information, contact the art gallery here.

The TAG Volunteer group meets on the second Wednesday of each month. For more information contact Maria Pape (705) 647-6435.