Strategic Plan for Gallery

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In Feb 17 2015 the TAG board revisited the Strategic Planning Session Summary of 2014.  This is the powerpoint presentation  that came out of these discussions.
An important elements of this process was - for wont of a better word - team building.  Trust building. Recognition of the skills and experience of various members.



This 12 page document sums up the strategic planning sessions initiated and implemented by the TAG Board of Directors prepared by Nicole Guertin and Jocelyn Blais of NISKA.   This initiative was undertaken to update the Strategic Planning Process undergone in 2008 which is included below. Reading the two documents I believe you will see a progression to a more ambitious and creative focus.  


Strategic Plan Stakeholder Survey Results 2008
Report prepared by Nancy R. Hawley,
Strategy & Communication
for the Temiskaming Art Gallery
Board of Directors October 7th, 2008




MISSION STATEMENT   Revised and updated 2014.

The Temiskaming Art Gallery connects people to art and generates creative energy that enriches and inspires.


The Temiskaming Art Gallery  is a recognized leader within our community and the Northern arts and culture scene for providing innovative arts programming. TAG is dedicated to developing partnerships with organizations and communities to make art accessible to all while also providing learning and teaching resources.