Enjoying the exhibitionEnjoying the exhibitionSince 1980, the Temiskaming Art Gallery (TAG) has been pivotal in promoting and showcasing visual arts in north-eastern Ontario. TAG has exhibited the talent of local artists and brought national and international exhibitions to the region. Our PermanentCollection is a constantly growing valuable treasure – part of Canada’s collective cultural heritage. The education and outreach programmes provided at the gallery continue to enrich the community through the joy of experiencing and understanding visual arts.

Mission Statement

In 2013-2014 The Temiskaming Art Gallery underwent a Strategic Planning Process updating the 2008 Strategic Plan. Out of this emerged an exciting and promising Mission Statement which reads:

The Temiskaming Art Gallery connects people to art and generates creative energy that enriches and inspires.

Vision/ Values Statement

The Temiskaming Art Gallery is a recognized leader within our community and the Northern arts and culture scene for providing innovative arts programming. TAG is dedicated to developing partnerships with organizations and communities to make art accessible to all while also providing learning and teaching resources.

Director/Curator:  Maureen Steward


The Temiskaming Art Gallery gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the 

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