Date:  28/03/2015

MISSION STATEMENT   Revised and updated 2014.

The Temiskaming Art Gallery connects people to art and generates creative energy that enriches and inspires.


The Temiskaming Art Gallery  is a recognized leader within our community and the Northern arts and culture scene for providing innovative arts programming. TAG is dedicated to developing partnerships with organizations and communities to make art accessible to all while also providing learning and teaching resources. 

1.   Introduction:  The Public Trust

   * Who we serve  * What we do * Overview of programs 

2.   Board Structures and Operations:

  • Meetings dates, times, locations for the current year
  • Meeting attendance
  • Names, position, length of service, addresses /phone #s, email, biographies, best time to contact; best time for mtgs.  (This presumes that this info is only available to the board.)  
  • Board agenda format:  Sample

3.    Committees of the Board:  

1.  Executive Committee  2.  Administrative Committee  3.  Finance Committee  4.  Fundraising Committee 5.  Membership Committee  6.  Nominating Committee  7.  Permanent Collection Committee  8.  Programming and Education Committee  9.  Volunteer Committee

NOTE:  i'M LEAVING in the following committee descriptions which pre-date the insert "Committees of the Board"  duplication here........


4.  The Physical Space:


5.  By-Law No. 5  Amended 2014

Namely,  being a by-law relating generally to the transaction of the business and affairs of Temiskaming Art Gallery (in this Bylaw sometimes called the "Corporation")  Click Highlighted text to view.


6.  The Strategic Plan prepared in 2008 

7. TAG STRATEGIC PLANNING SESSION  SUMMARY  January 17-18, 2014 prepared by Nicole Guertin and Jocelyn Blais

8. Ville de Temiskaming Shores Plan culturel municipal Avril 2013  French version

9. The Temiskaming Shores Cultural Plan  April 2013   English version.