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NOAA 2011 - 2012

Jan Browning "Hitchen Hill Farm" Acrylic

Dec. 16, 2011 to Jan. 27, 2012

The 55th exhibition of the Northern Ontario Art Asociation (NOAA)
featured 40 works in a wide variety of media selected from some 240 entries by artists in north-east Ontario.



Keith Campbell: Journey Through the Past

Assassination of D'Arcy (porcelain) McGeeNov 4, 2011 to Dec 9 2011.

Keith Campbell’s creative ceramic work takes a sometimes humorous and always thoughtful look at Canadian History.While pushing the medium of ceramics to its limit Campbell brings to the gallery a captivating portrait of ourselves.This show documents where we have been as a nation and offers a wry commentary on where we are headed.



Night Works: by Michael Dobson

August 12 to September 16, 2011

A Quiet Summer Evening" Oil on Masonite

Michael Dobson's paintings exist in the mysterious and magical world of darkness that the night brings. Setting forth to paint long after the sun has set he paints scenes he can only dimly see with paint he cannot see. When he returns with a painting to examine it under the light he is always surprised. 

He wants to be surprised. In a recent interview Michael was asked if he visualizes a painting in his mind before he begins to work. Without hesitation he replied "No. If I could see the finished product in my mind I wouldn't bother painting it. It's the act of doing it, not the planning and doing it that I enjoy.

Floral Inspiration: TAG Permanent Collection

Betty Macauley, Summer Lemonade, Acrylic

Floral Inspiration featured thirty paintings selected from the Permanent Collection.  In July 2011 our annual Garden Tour was held in conjunction with this show. The Temiskaming Art Gallery invited local florists and nurseries to design floral arrangements inspired by a painting from this exhibition. On Wednesday July 12th, beautiful floral arrangements were featured in the Temiskaming Art Gallery. 

Carnival: The Spirit and the Soul

MaskCarnival: The Spirit and the Soul is a multi-media exhibition using theatrical narrative and the mask as an element of storytelling common to most cultures throughout the world. Curators Teodoro Dragonieri and Christopher Jackson included carnival and theatrical masks, photography, and mixed media works. Many of the works relate to concepts of the mask as metaphor, transformative medium and physical object. The goal is to engage our visitors and prompt dialogue about the evolution and continued social relevance of the Carnival tradition and its parallels with today's artistic practice.

Peter Sibbald: Elegy for a stolen land

March 25 2011 to May 6 2011

Sutton, Ontario based professional photographer Peter Sibbald has watched with growing concern as the countryside that he grew up with has been permanently altered for massive housing developments that have spread and continue spreading north of Toronto.

The photographs in this show document these changes and some of their less known but very important and disturbing consequences.

Caledonia, Ontario. Six Nations Mohawk Protest/ Haudenosaunee Land Reclamation Site

Pallette and Brush Annual Show 2011

Margaret Young

February 4, 2011 to March 18, 2011

Have you ever seen artists repeatedly squint as they gaze at an outdoor scene they are painting? This is because when you squint it limits the amount of light and detail that you see and it is much easier to judge the various shades of black and white (values) of a particular scene. In past shows of the Palette and Brush Club the focus has been on colour and the club decided the focus this year would be on value; that is, the rendering of a scene in black and white.

Margaret Young's "Fox Run Road, Temagami" 2011 Ink, Conte and Charcoal on Canvas 24" x 18"




Faye Digulla: The View from Here

December 2010 to January 2011

Faye Digulla>"Life Path" 2009 46" x 50" Mixed MediaIn this show of 7 paintings and 11 books Haileybury artist Faye Digulla provides us with a densely packed, inventive and extremely beautiful series of reflections on life in Northern Ontario. Relaxed and watchful Digulla manages to share personal experiences while depicting very moving universal images such as the one pictured here. We are most fortunate to have an artist of Faye Digulla’s calibre who provides our region with a touching meditation conveyed with innovation and skill.

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